Altamont Gardens

Altamont Gardens – Carlow

We took a trip to Carlow last week to have a look at the college there in preparations for the leaving cert results coming out next week.  It is a lovely town and we made the most of our trip with a stop at Altamont Gardens, there are some really beautiful walks there and of course the Garden shop.  The walks are lovely, beautifully manicured lawns and flowers beds turn into a lake walk leading into a bog walk, that brings you to a walk along the river Barrow and then to a temple at the top of a hill.  I have an addiction to plants and it is impossible for me to go to a garden shop without making some kind of a purchase and Altamont was no different.  They had an excellent selection of plants, and I bought quite a few that I don’t have in the garden and will make lovely new additions to the already fabulous gardens at The Old Rectory Country House Leitrim

The Gardens at The Old Rectory Country House are a stunning array of colour around every turn.
Stunning Hydranga’s at Altamont Gardens Carlow
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Ceide Fields – Mayo

Ceide Fields -Mayo

It has been at least 20 years or maybe more since I have visited Ceide Fields, we had a one night break recently in Kiltymagh, not too far from home but far enough to feel like you are away.  As with most things we do there is very little time for planning, just get in the car with a few things and away we go.  The first evening we tried to find a walk but spent the time instead driving the small roads of Mayo, we eventually ended up in Castlebar looking for something to eat – a random pick, House of Plates – and what a treat it was the menu is divided between land, sea and earth and everything is starter size so you can try a range of different food. After a good nights sleep we headed off for the day first stop Foxford Woollen mills and them on to Ceide Fields, we had a fantastic guide and there were about 20 of us who headed out with him, some fairly heavy showers during the walk but everyone stuck it out.  It is a fascinating story of the history of Ireland, how the bogs formed and how the Ceide Fields experience was developed through determination.  A bit of a drive from The Old Rectory Country House Leitrim, but really glad we took the time to revisit it.

A very interesting unesco side on the edge of the west of Ireland
Ceidi Fields – Mayo
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Patchwork Quilting Weekend

As a quilter myself I love hosting Patchwork Quilting weekends here at The Old Rectory Country House, Leitrim. We both run quilting weekends ourselves and also work with groups to host there own patchwork quilting weekends here. Your quilting group can choose to come and work on your own quilting projects for the weekend and we will provide you with a beautiful place to stay for the weekend and an array of lovely food to keep you going. If you have a particular patchwork quilting project your group would like to tackle for a quilting weekend or a patchwork day workshop we can organize that for you too.

All you have to do is sew to your hearts content, sounds like heaven!!!

Give us a call 071-9644089 or email us at

Patchwork Quilting Weekend

Give us a call 071-9644089 or email us at

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Carrowkeel – Megalithic Tombs

I love Carrowkeel it is such a peaceful place and yet there is a feeling of all the generations that have come before us, and how far we have come. It is just a short drive off the N4 between Carrick-On-Shannon and Sligo in the village of Castlebaldwin, up some little roads and more often than not there isn’t another soul in sight. There are a number of cairns some intact and some have caved in. The ones that are intact; make yourself small and climb in and sit and marvel at their creation with no tools to speak of and incredible skill. I cannot imagine building something so impressive and the great joy they bring to those who come to see them 5,000 years later. These cairns are older than New Grange and the Pyramids and they stand on bluffs still to this day. I find that both incredible and fascinating and equal measure.

Carrowkeel Megalithic Tombs, Castlebaldwin, Sligo Ireland
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Joe Mooney Summer School Drumshanbo

The Joe Mooney summer school is an exceptional week of Irish Culture, music and craic. People from all over the world travel to the lovely county of Leitrim Ireland for this extraordinary week. It doesn’t matter if you play an instrument or not, there are complete beginner classes, voice classes and dancing classes so there is something for everyone even if you are just bringing the children for music why not join in for the ceile dance classes. At The Old Rectory Country House we love the Joe Mooney week, it is a week of great music here too with everyone practicing, we have had people playing harp, uillean pipes, banjo, tin whistle, and fiddle. Why not come and be part of the fun you won’t regret it.

We have self catering accommodation for the Joe Mooney Summer School and Bed and Breakfast here at The Old Rectory Country House Leitrim

Joe Mooney Summer School Drumshanbo Leitrim
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