The Old Rectory Bed and Breakfast Ireland

The Old Rectory Country Home Leitrim

Could you get a better day for rowing up!!

Although we do not have a very big farm it is still very much a part of our life here at The Old Rectory Country Home Leitrim and yesterday was one of the biggest farming days of the year, making the silage.  So much of how the rest of the year on the farm will go is hinged on a few dry days at the beginning of the Summer.  And this year the weather is making farm life that bit easier, the good dry warm Spring put a kick start into grass growth and being able to get the fertilizer out early and now with the dry week everyone should be able to breathe a sigh of relieve that the silage is made for another year. 

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The Old Rectory Leitrim – A Wedding

Boutique Wedding

The Old Rectory – small wedding venue

The Rodahan family have been staying with us for the second time this year at The Old Rectory Leitrim, but this time was for the big event.  Bill and Therese are tying the knot.  It has been a fun week with more people arriving each day, while the cousins enjoy the freedom and the dogs and cats.  

At last the long awaited day arrives and the fun begins, hair, makeup, flowers and photographs to hold the day forever, and what a day it was.  We wish Bill and Therese a life filled with love and laughter.


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Fenagh Parade

Fenagh’s 1st St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The Old Rectory

St. Patrick’s Day has changed completely from when I was a child when we wore our shamrock to mass and that was pretty much that.  It was a religious day to be observed.  Now it is predominantly about parades and the getting together of communities and socialising.  Not sure what St. Patrick thinks of that but one way or the other his name still continues to be celebrated around the world where ever Irish people have set down roots.

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The Old Rectory – Leitrim

The Fall of a Majestic old tree

The Fall of a Majestic old tree

The Old Rectory Country Home Leitrim

Anyone who has stayed with us will know we are surrounded by beautiful old trees, I wake every morning to trees and after a storm I open the shutters and take a look out the windows and do a survey around the other windows in the house.  I did that very thing after the last storm and was delighted to see them all still standing.  And I headed out to bring the dogs for their morning walk and there they were out of view of the house, but two of our oldest trees didn’t make it through our most recent storm.  They fell pretty much side by side, it may sound silly to some but I feel their loss strongly.  We have planted 100’s of trees since we moved into The Old Rectory, and we have 60 trees to be planted over the next couple of weeks, but it will be 200 years before they will reach the majestic stage that the two we lost last week.

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The Old Rectory – New Beginnings

The Joy of a New Year

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

The New Year has begun, and it has many sides, the first is nature brought to the fore with the arrival of the first lambs of the year, lambs have to be one of the cutiest babies and I am always amazed by how they feel and the curiosity they have for life, when they are in a gang together they are so much fun to watch as they create games and head off on adventures together.  They show us a care free life we sometimes forget to live as we get caught up in things that ultimately do not matter.  Look out for the arrival of the lambs as you are out and about and hopefully some of their joy for living will come into your life.

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