Church Wedding

St’ Catherines Church Fenagh Leitrim

After great community effort St. Catherine’s Church looked beautiful on the day, it has been an incredible transformation over the past two years.  The roof has been fixed, the floors redone, it has been painting and the biggest project the stain glass windows have been taken out and completely releaded and cleaned.  But the greatest part of this transformation is that the church is in use again, beautiful old buildings should be enjoyed by people.  And the events both religious and non bring people to become vested in its continual survival.

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Ellen – Vintage Photobooth

Exclusive Wedding Venue

Vintage Photobooth

My very good friend Mrs. Doyles Vintage China has now added another string to her bow with the beautiful Ellen a vintage caravan which she has completely redecorated by her very own hands to rent out for events of all kinds as a photo booth or prop for any occasion.  The attention to detail which Mrs. Doyle is well known for follows through with her new venture Ellen who recently came for a photo shoot at The Old Rectory Country House.

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A Discovery

Wasps Nest

The Beginnings of a Wasp Nest

Earlier in the year when we were doing a big clean out we found the beginnings of a wasps nest with some larva already laid, I felt sorry for the poor Mother wasp who had already done a considerable amount of work starting to build the very beautiful and intricit nest they make.  I know you are thinking they are a bit of a pain especially at this time of year when they are every where and I have been stung by a few over the years, but the work they put into making their nests is incredible.  They literally go around stratching the stems of plants and converting it into material to construct their own homes.  Not an easy taste such a small creature.  This is the first time I have seen one at the beginning stages of construction and it is truely beautiful for one so small.

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We love quilters

Hand Sewn Quilts

Quilting Retreat

It is not often that we have a quilter arrive at The Old Rectory Country House unless they are on one of our quilting retreats.  My daughter Aoife is working on a similiar project so we had lots of questions for her and it was lovely to hear the story behind the quilt she was making.  She had made a wedding quilt for her daughters best friend the year before and she was making this quilt from the pieces that were left over from it.  It is unusual to find someone in this modern age who still only makes completely hand sewn quilts, such love goes into a project like this one.

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St Catherine’s Church Fenagh Leitrim

St. Catherine’s Church of Ireland

St Catherine’s getting a facelift

I have always loved the church next door, St Catherine’s and for the past few weeks it has been getting the next phase of its face lift as it gets ready to host the second wedding in a century.  The church as been very fortunate to have a great committee working tirelessly fundraising and securing grants to bring the church back to life again.  The tidy towns committee and the wider community have also rowed in to bring this beautiful building back into service, giving everyone the chance to enjoy another one of Fenagh’s historical buildings. 

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