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Book of Fenagh Festival

Why has the Book of Fenagh survived for 500 years? This past weekend the community of Fenagh and those related to it came together to celebrate the Book of Fenagh, and what a great weekend it turned out to be.  I was lucky enough to attend most of the lectures and we got an in […]

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Behind the scenes at The Old Rectory

Aoife’s off to her Debs After a mad day of running around getting her nails done, then her hair, which Siobhan did after many practice sessions, and finally her makeup, it was time for the photo shoot, my favourite part of the day recording the memories.  Pictures taken on the steps of The Old Rectory […]

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Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin Have spent the last four days in and around Dublin and Aoife and I went to see the Book of Kells and to see the Long Library in Trinity both amazing experiences, have some quilting ideas with some of the Book Durrow patterns if I can find the one I like on line.  […]

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Thatched Cottage

The Art of Thatching is Alive and Well in Leitrim When I was growing up my great Aunt lived in a thatched cottage the one she had been born in and never left.  I always entered it with great wonder it still had the old settle and big open fire place and the good sitting […]

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The Lake is Freezing over at The Old Rectory

A few years ago the lake completely froze over except for some little springs that you could see. We even saw the paw prints of a fox walking out to the islands in the snow on top of the ice. If you skim a piece of ice along the top of the frozen lake it makes the most […]

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