Brian Boru's Harp

Brian Boru’s Harp

Trinity College Dublin

Have spent the last four days in and around Dublin and Aoife and I went to see the Book of Kells and to see the Long Library in Trinity

There are 200,000 books in Triity Library

There are 200,000 books in Triity Library

both amazing experiences, have some quilting ideas with some of the Book Durrow patterns if I can find the one I like on line.  Aoife was very impressed with the Library, there are 200,000 books in the library, the first set of seven busts are people who donated books to get the library going, and the rest are various famous people and politian’s.  The Brian Boru Harp is the oldest harp in Ireland  and is the harp that our original money was based on.  It is lovely to just sit there and take all that history in.