Our Commitment to the Environment

The Old Rectory Bed and Breakfast is committed to nurturing an environmental and cultural ethos and protecting them for generations to come.

The Old Rectory Country House is carrying on in the tradition in which this beautiful old house was built. Close to two hundred years old, its location shows that people throughout history were conscious of the environment. People in the past had to use the environment around them to maximize light and heat. However, back then it was more of a necessity with the commonly used rooms of the house availing of the late morning and afternoon sun. These aspects also have the added advantage of beautiful views overlooking Fenagh Lake. We are proud to continue this environmental awareness tradition by being one of the first ccommodation providers in Ireland to receive the EU Flower symbol. We run our event venue in an environmentally friendly way and encourage our guests to participate in this ethos.

Here are some of the ways we to take care of the environment around us. The water supply for the toilets and washing machine for our self catering apartments is supplied by a rain water harvesting system.  Both the The Old Rectory Country House and the self catering apartments have solar panels on them to assist with heating the water for both.  This year we have added solar panels which will generate a supply of electricity for us.  The appliances in our home are nearly all ‘A’ rated. All our taps are monitored with valves to reduce the amount of water per minute flowing through. All our rubbish is divided into recyclable and composting items, which eventually makes it into our gardens with the remaining waste going to landfill.  We are very fortunate to be reaping the rewards of fully mature beech and oak trees, many nearly as old as the house itself.  Every few years we lose one of these beautiful trees to old age.  And throughout our time living at The Old Rectory Country House we have planted over two hundred trees around the house and farm.  We also have a 50 acre plantation of forestry which is now 20 over years old which is increasingly reducing our carbon foot print.

One of the our efforts to pursue sustainable environment tourism is to reduce the use of water in our venue.  As a guest, you can help us with this by reducing the amount of laundry we do.  This reduces the substantial amounts of water we use every day and minimizes the use of washing detergents which means less pollution in the waterways.

If you wish to assist us please place towels for laundering in the shower and hang those towels you wish to re-use on the towel rack.

The Old Rectory Country House recycles and composts as much waste as possible. To help us with this we have provided two bins in each bedroom so you can divide your waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items.

Working together, we can conserve millions of litres of water, save energy and minimize the release of detergents into the environment.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!!!