European Eco-Label for Tourist Accommodation

The Old Rectory was awarded the EU Flower symbol in 2006. It is one of the first accommodations in Ireland with this award. The EU Flower is the symbol of the European Eco-label – your guide to greener products and services that are kinder to the environment. The European Eco-label is part of a broader strategy aimed at promoting sustainable consumption and production. By using the EU Flower standards we provide our guests with the information to they need to encourage them to be aware of:

  • Conserving energy and water
  • Reducing waste through reuse and recycling
  • Monitoring and reducing our use of non-ecological detergents and disinfectants and replacing them with ecological products
  • Monitoring and reducing our use of dangerous chemicals, and where possible replacing them with environmentally safe products
  • Provide information on, and encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport
  • Educating, training and motivating staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to play a full part in developing new ideas and initiatives
  • Communicating with our guests and providing information about local landscape, biodiversity and nature and conservation measures in our area.